I’m always interested in old furniture DIYs from which one can often learn tricks-of-the-trade. Spoonflower and Knack Studio offered a DIY that’s unique for it’s use of wallpaper in transforming a mundane piece of furniture into a “fox”.

Dresser Refresh DIY

This paticular DIY appealed to me and inspired me to reach out to Knack Studios’ founder, Barb Blair, to seek out a collaboration with her. The map-papered dresser project we worked on together, Beaufain, was featured in her second book, Furniture Makes the Room.

map piece_styled2_v1_hero-2.jpg
map piece_styled2_floral_detail-2.jpg
map piece_styled2_vignete_closeup-2.jpg
map piece_styled2_rug_bottom_drawers_detail-2.jpg